A Comparison of Shopping for Prestige Iceberg Crystals at 3D Artsy and 3D Crystal (29 October- 4 November)

When looking for that perfect prestige iceberg crystal to add a touch of elegance to your home or to give as a special gift, it's essential to consider both quality and affordability. Two websites that offer these exquisite crystals are 3D Artsy and 3D Crystal. In this article, we'll compare the pricing, customization options, and shipping choices for the prestige iceberg crystal at both sites for the week of October 29 to November 4.


3D Crystal offers the prestige iceberg crystal in three sizes: small, medium, and large, with prices as follows:

Small: $149

Medium: $189

Large: $199

On the other hand, 3D Artsy also offers the same three sizes with the following prices:

Small: $72.50

Medium: $127.50

Large: $137.50

It's clear that 3D Artsy provides significantly lower base prices for all sizes of the prestige iceberg crystal, making it a more budget-friendly option.


If you want to add text to your crystal, 3D Crystal offers this option for an additional fee of $9.50. In contrast, 3D Artsy provides free text customization, saving you money and adding a personal touch to your crystal.

Base Cost:

The base cost at 3D Crystal ranges from $39 to $59, depending on the size of the crystal. Meanwhile, 3D Artsy offers a flat base cost of $20 for all sizes of the prestige iceberg crystal. Once again, 3D Artsy offers a more affordable option in this category.


Shipping costs and options can significantly impact the overall cost and convenience of purchasing your prestige iceberg crystal. At 3D Crystal, priority mail shipping is available for $24.75, and priority mail express for next-day delivery is $34.75. Ground shipping at 3D Crystal is free, but it comes with a longer delivery time of 18 days.

3D Artsy, on the other hand, offers free priority mail shipping, except for priority mail express, which costs $24. This means you can save on shipping fees when choosing the standard priority mail option. The quicker delivery through priority mail express is also available at a competitive price.


When comparing shopping for prestige iceberg crystals at 3D Artsy and 3D Crystal, it's clear that 3D Artsy offers more affordable base prices for all sizes of the crystal and provides free text customization. Additionally, the shipping options at 3D Artsy are more cost-effective for most customers. However, if you need next-day delivery, 3D Crystal's priority mail express may be a more suitable choice.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your budget, customization preferences, and desired shipping speed. Carefully consider these factors to make an informed decision when purchasing your prestige iceberg crystal.

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