Our Story

My name is Allan and I would want to take you through a beautiful journey of how 3D Artsy came to be. So, from being a guy who placed every memory in the camera , l was an accredited photographer because I had an artistic touch that was shown in my photographs. l thought memories captured in the camera should be housed in something beautiful and unique yet l could not pinpoint what exactly so I started going through a search journey to find a house for these memories and like any other man on a mission l placed my heart to it and that’s how I found these captivating , glass-like ,shiny objects to be the best place to house memories .It was also a great move that my valuable clients found it the best and suitable house to shelter their beloved memories. For me it was not just art in the natural sense but also an art of love to to take our memories inside and put them in tangible reality so that even our loved ones and future generations would know what love is like and our memories becomes part of the legacy and history we live them . Memories are truly beautiful moments that reside deep within us but can have a completely new beautiful meaning if they are placed into reality, celebrated and remembered .

Friends and clients of 3DArtsy have forever been loyal and happy with the new meaning and shelter we house their memories in. I will take this moment to thank their indebted support and love for my work as we endeavor on a journey to make make memories for yet other people and house them with not only diamond like objects but with love too. As we endeavor on this journey we promise to make your memories more memorable and memories that you won’t forget .We promise an improved artistic touch to our valued clients and friends .

Always remember that memories and love reside deep within us and if we can’t take them out to show and put an impact on our loved ones 3D Artsy will house them and tell the story for you.